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Private Auckland escorts

It is now 15 years since New Zealand legalized sex trade in 2003. Prostitution is a legal business in the country, and so are brothels, sex clubs, and escorts. The only thing not allowed in the sex trade is underage workers. If you are interested in booking a private escort in Auckland here is our review about the industry:

What Led To A Revolution In The NZ Escort Industry?

For many years, sex traders had to mask their businesses and pretend to be offering massage services. Workers were at risk, and thereg were no rules between escorts and their clients plus prostitutes had no legal protection. The change brought transformation, and New Zealand residents were grateful that escorts would now work safely and earn respect from their clients just like in other professions.

How Is The Industry Currently?

Unlike in Amsterdam, there are no red-light districts in Auckland. But, clients looking for private escorts or sex will find them in plenty in the brothels. Before the change was brought in 2003, brothels were registered as beauty and massage parlours. However, today, they are run freely and fully protected by the law.

Other places to find Auckland call girls include sex clubs like Chilli Club, Desire Love Motel, and CCK Lounge Bar. These are women ready to offer sexual entertainment, and some are actually willing to participate in a threesome. It is easy to get hooked and entertained as the sex clubs have luxurious rooms with Jacuzzi and comfortable bedding.

Street Hookers

Street hookers have specific areas where they meet and wait for clients. Their main points are Hunters Corner in Papatoetoe, South Auckland, and Karangahape Road, which is the central city.

Street hookers gather in the evenings and offer their services mainly at night, so you are not likely to find them during the day. Other places to check for these girls are City Road that joins Symonds St. and Queen St. They are stunning girls waiting for anyone looking for escort services.

Transgender make the most significant percentage of street prostitutes because most of them are young and without jobs. They do this to earn money for their basic needs.

Private Escorts

Most of the girls working in Auckland as private escorts are beautiful. To book a call girl, you have to look at our directory and select the girl who appeals to you most. Majority of them do not have any restrictions and are willing to engage anal sex, shower sex, BDSM, intimacy without condoms, oral sex, and ready to act like a girlfriend. To enjoy your experience with an escort, always check what she is willing to offer before you select her.

About STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases

While most call girls will ask their clients to use condoms before any sexual engagements, there are those who are willing to forgo protection for better pay. Being the client, you are also responsible to protect yourself. Unprotected sex puts you at high risk of contracting STDs. Since the escort girls are stunning and extremely active, if not careful, you might forget to protect yourself and end up contracting some diseases.

How Are Safe Escorts?

While Auckland is a relatively safe city, crimes and drugs cannot be ruled out in the escort industry. Even clients are likely to be offered drugs and accepting such puts you at risk of being robbed or hurt. However, there is a heavy presence of police in sex clubs and brothels to keep things in order.

Brothels are the safest places to find sex because owners want to both escorts and clients to keep their business flourishing. No wants to visit or be associated with an escort agency or sex club that has a criminal history. Auckland boasts of a vast and flourishing sex industry. Brothel and sex clubs owners are dedicated to giving you the best services. However, you can also get a private escort girl for a fantastic experience.

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