How to date private escorts in Auckland / New Zealand

The prevailing misconception about escort services is that it’s all about sex or it’s euphemism for the world’s oldest profession -- the two are not in any way similar. That’s not to say that an escort won’t be down for some little bit of frolicking should the chemistry set the mood right. In most cases, private escorts are hired for companionship when you’re having that outing, business function, or family gathering. 

So you’re not paying for the sex, but for the whole girlfriend enchilada. And usually, those who pay for the service end up discovering that it’s not just sex they want but the intimacy and love that come with it. There’s no denying that -- in a perfect world where people aren’t quick to judge others or conform to societal norms -- every man enjoys spending time with a beautiful woman. Whether it’s just talking or having your fun moments, beautiful women make life more enjoyable.

It’s therefore safe to say that hiring an escort doesn’t make you unattractive. Or it could be that you lack the time to go out and mingle. As a matter of fact, regular clients in this business are successful men who have absolutely no trouble attracting women naturally. These men are women magnet in their world, but they still choose to see prostitutes, and it’s mostly because they prefer no-strings-attached female company. They have busy lives and would rather have it straight with the women they find attractive instead of taking circles or throw bread cramps.

Let’s just say booking a call girl doesn’t mean you’re an average frustrated chump who struggles to attract women. What it instead means is that you’re a focused man who doesn’t like wasting your time on unnecessary drama that relationships bring

Auckland Escorts for GirlFriend Experience

Private Auckland Escorts are not prostitutes. But there’s no deny there’s a gray area in that statement in the sense that sex is still the driving force. However, with a call girl, you’re not just paying to get her naked and nut. If anything, these are respected girls that happen to be blessed with beauty. Some even have other lucrative careers going on. Don’t be surprised when it turns out the escort you booked is actually a lawyer, a medical practitioner or, let’s just say, very learned and intelligent. The difference is that these girls are willing to go an extra mile to make your experience with them both enjoyable and smooth. They’re trained to understand men in ways that no ordinary woman can.

Some men find them intimidating in real life; mostly because they have never had the privilege of talking to them. And more often than not, love happens and that’s an exit call.

So why an Escort?

You have options aplenty in the world of dating. You could date or just settle for a prostitute; but why an escort?

Companionship without Attachment

Attachments create entitlement. And that’s one issue escorts try to address. You can relate to this – as a man, there comes a time in a man’s life when the only thing you want in a woman is the company. Relationship is one way to go about it, but it does come with its fair share of emotional baggage that has its way of rearing its ugly head on a smooth sailing relationship. The sex ensues and the next thing you see is a random woman all over your business. They want to know your parents or want you to waste an entire afternoon cuddling. Sex has to come with poontango or you’ll be labelled as a sex potato. It’s an escort’s job to understand you and your needs. They should be able to figure out if you’re the kind of guy that prefers to cut to the chase and get straight to business or if you’re the type of guy that prefers to build the sexual tension first.In other words, instead of you being that guy that has to struggle to understand your woman; a call girl takes it upon herself to understand you.

Private escorts earn their living off the desires you have. You pay for escort services, and in return you do not have to spend the most important thing in your life, your time. Where their looks are beyond what you’ve ever handled before, it’s their role to help you break the ice and ensure everything is flowing.

Prostitutes are therefore an ideal choice of women if you operate with limited time on your hands. They’re also perfect for both men and women who want to enjoy the company of the opposite sex without being tied down by emotional attachments.

No one understands the pressure that the society imposes on both men and women. After a certain age everyone expects you to find someone you can settle down with. No one cares if this person is right for you, they just want you to follow the tradition and settle down. The truth is, you don’t have to be any of these things. Neither does holding yourself back from getting married make you a loser or player. It’s just that you have other things that you consider more important.

Escorts play a key role in some of the decisions you make in life. First it’s by ensuring that you don’t marry for sex, something that most men do. After all, sex is already on the menu. Meaning you have to take your mind off sex and focus on more important stuff whenever you’re looking for a life partner.

Help you Move on

Nothing is more difficult than moving on from a partner you were so invested in. It’s easy to lose yourself or misbehave after a relationship ends. And that’s exactly where private companions come in handy. Escort girls can help you with the transitioning by acting as you woman in limbo. You can also talk to them about anything, and they’ll advise you accordingly. And amid all that, they’ll also be offering you sex and companionship. It’s not their place to judge you. So expect them to listen to you. You can talk about anything and you can be sure they’ll be listening without holding anything against you.

Escort girls fill this gap perfectly and that’s what sets them apart from random dates or prostitutes and hookers. You want your confidence to work for you on your next relationship. And you don’t want to rush into bringing someone new into your life simply because you’re starving sexually. What you need is a private escort girl who understands the nature of their job and you’re guaranteed a smooth moving on process.

A lot to Learn

There’s so much you can learn from an escort and it extends far beyond the bedroom. One good thing with being an escort is that you’re always invited to lots of events and meetings. This leaves you with all the exposure you’ll ever need in this world and that’s where they come in handy to a person that’s trying to explore. Are you new in town? Well, a call girl will help you find your way around. Or are you nervous because of a meeting you’re about to attend? Well, let herpsyche you up. And back to the bedroom -- prostitutes are open-minded and NOT afraid of trying out new stuff. They’re the perfect people to practise with or learn something.

It could be that your wife is not good at fellatio. Or you’re a suck when it comes to getting down or offering cunnilingus. No biggie – here your chance to change all that. Just talk to your companion and they’ll help you figure out the best way forward.  

Nothing to Worry About

Ever thought of being in a stress-free relationship – with none of the constant nagging? Ever been worried about the person you’re dating losing interest in you all of a sudden? Well, things don’t have to follow the same path with an escort. Relationships can be complicated, and --as it turns out most of the time -- the only thing men are interested in is the company and the sex. Escorts respond to all your desires and, immediately they’re done, they’re off your hair. They’ll never call you at odd hours so you can be sure there won’t be any qualm between you and your wife over them.

You even don’t have to worry about ending a relationship you have no interest of keeping. Where you feel like an escort has served her purpose, you simply terminate her services or set off to the next one. No hard feelings, after all it’s just business. And should you feel like revisiting that page again in future, the door is always open -- no grudges whatsoever.

It’s Business

Working in the sex industry requires high levels of professionalism and etiquette. This is work. So there’s no way an escort would allow her emotions to stand in the way of business. As a client looking for the service of a prostitute, you must bear the same mindset. You’re simply paying someone to respond to your desires. You’re paying someone for girlfriend experience and that’s that.

The society has all kinds of labels for this kind of business and it’s all because they’re not equipped to understand how it works. Don’t hold it against them and -- and the same time, don’t let the stigma laboured against this line of business get to you. The world will soon catch up, but until then it’s upon you to decide what it is that you want to do with your life.

Familiarize yourself with the Code words Used

The sex industry is highly coded. It’s therefore crucial that you take your time to understand the language used to avoid getting disconnected. Here’s the thing: not all private escort girls in Wellington are the same and the only way you can choose the right girl is by being familiar with the term used to describe them. Remember escort services don’t guarantee sex. So if you want to make sure that your interaction with a companion gets a happy ending, it’s crucial that you choose a girl that’s willing to tread that road.

For instance, GFE stands for Girl Friend Experience. These girls are hard to get into the sack, so if sex is your end goal, you might want to next her. Other code words include PSE (Porn Star Experience), DDF (Drug and Disease Free), GS (Golden Shower), and DT (Deep Throat).

If you’re looking for someone you could end up dating GFE is the way to go. However, if you main mission is steamy sex and nothing else then PSE’s have your back. And if your main concern is with diseases and such stuff, then the DDF are there to respond to your call. These codes are meant to make your conversations more private. So should someone come across your messages, they wouldn’t know what you’re talking about unless they’re in the business themselves.

You have to master these code words and be able to include them into the conversations you have with prostitutes. That way, the escort girl can tell that you’re familiar with the terms and conditions surrounding this line of business. It also helps them to understand what type of person you are so they can figure out how to best respond to your desires.

Know what you’re after

Don’t settle for random when you can easily find someone that’s tailored to match your taste and preference. Meaning you have to begin by understanding what you want. It’s possible to get confused or being hit with analysis paralysis when you’re presented with variety. Don’t discard your desires simply because the majority of these girls are drop dead beauties.

If you’re not used to handling women on the scale of 9 and 10, then you’re likely to get nervous. And the good thing is that there’s nothing wrong with that. One simple approach would to explain to an agent about what you want. Describe the girl you want from their physical appearance to how they present themselves. For instance, if at the end of the day you want the girl for anal sex, let it be known earlier on so you can be connected with someone that’s open-minded about that.

Or let’s just say you’re attending a corporate gig and you’re therefore interested in someone who’s familiar with how the corporate world operates and can behave accordingly without embarrassing you. Spell it out in advance so you can be hooked with the right person.

Find an Agency You Can Trust

Your journey to finding a private escort in Auckland you can trust begins with finding the right agency. If the agency is shoddy, then there’s a higher likelihood that they’re dealing with ratchets class of prostitutes. A reputable agency on the other hand has a filtered system that it uses to only hire clean and sophisticated class of sex companions. Their escort girls have to be thoroughly vetted and watched before they’re entered into the system. A good agency will always try to ensure that their clients receive the best of the services the industry has to offer. It’s also part of their job to ensure that you’re not getting ripped off.

So the first thing they’ll do is make sure that all the models they enlist have an adequate amount of photos for you to check out before making a pick. This reduces your chances of being disappointed, especially at such a time when pictures can be manipulated with filters to lead on unsuspecting clients.

You want to make sure that the model you choose looks exactly as she looks in the photo when you finally get to meet her. Same goes for the receptionist that’s working for the agency. Is she friendly enough and keen on taking instructions? If an agency reeks of arrogance then you’re better off hoping to the next agency. Nothing is holding you back here.

A good agency will always have all types of women -- hundreds of them. Whether you’re looking for a one off fling, passionate intimacy, intelligence mind, or a woman with specific physical traits-- there’s always a woman that matches your specifications.

In their website, everything should be intuitive and straightforward. There has to be a mechanism for filtering out the women based on a list of things you’re looking for. You can start with the size of breasts, weight, height, all the way to the level of education.

What do Past Clients have to Say about the Agency?

The reputation of an agency flows beyond their website or the kind of pictures they have to the relationship they have established with past clients. A good agency retains a great majority of their clients, the bulk of which will never hesitate to put down a positive word about the company. You can start by doing your own due diligence. Dig around for online reviews and through forums and comment sections.

After you’ve researched about the agency the next thing you do is narrow down the research to the escort model you’re interested in. Go through their photos one by one as you read through the comments. Once done, Google up her name and scour the net for more of her information. Some search results should lead you to their social media accounts. Where the underlying girl has limited information about herself on the internet, take it as a red flag and take necessary precaution.

You’re also reminded that you’re not the only vulnerable person here. The girl’s life is also at stake, same as you. So don’t flip out if the girl is careful enough to want to know more about you before they can agree to meet you. It’s totally acceptable in this line of business for a girl to want to know more about you and what you do. Some will only agree to meet you in a public place for their own safety and that’s totally okay.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for referrals. You’d be surprised by the number of people that are willing to refer you to a girl they once had an amazing experience with. Ask your friend and the people you suspect are open-minded on the whole escort thing and they’ll surely have someone they can recommend to you.

Leave her a Message

This is the perfect way to break the ice and get comfortable with a person before you finally get to meet them. Instead of waiting until you get to meet her to say the first word to her, drop a message and let her know that you’re actually interested in meeting her up. Don’t overdo it! Just a simple message in the lines of: “Hey Gorgeous. I can’t wait to meet you tonight. Take care.”

Keep Time

It’s business, so don’t keep her waiting for far too long. Everything works on schedule here. So if you agree to meet a girl at a specific time, show up at that exact time if not earlier. For instance, if you agree to meet at 10.30 am, don’t wait until it is 10.30 am to start preparing up. First make sure you know the venue, and before you leave to head there, text her to let her know that you’re actually on your way coming.

Avoid Showing up intoxicated

Like we said earlier, escorts are no prostitutes. They’ll be receptive to your advances and try all they can to understand you but it’s upon you to turn them on. Otherwise they can just say no to your suggestions when they find you gross.  Alcohol also has a way of pushing you to behave inappropriately, and when this happens there’s a strong possibility that the underlying girl may cancel your appointment and walk out on you. To avoid all this, just avoid taking alcohol unless she suggests that it’s perfectly okay to go out for a drink.

Observe your Hygiene

Treat your meeting as a date. So take a shower and dress up really nicely before you head out. Remember to put on nice cologne and take a shave as well. You don’t have to step out of your comfort zone to impress the girl. At the same time you don’t have to create the notion that you don’t have a sense of style.

If you’re Nervous, Speak it out

A call girl is the only person you can be totally honest with and they’ll have nothing to hold against you. If you’re nervous, don’t fake it. Just tell her that this is the first time you’re hanging out with a pretty girl like her and that you’re actually nervous. She of all the people should know what to do to get you comfortable.

Be Gentle with how You Treat Her

An escort is still a girl in every possible definition of the word. She’s quick to understand you, but she’ll be more receptive towards you if you treat her with the respect she deserves. It starts with the way you great her. You may shake her hands, hug her, or give her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Nothing is wrong with any of that as long as you’re gentle while at it. Don’t grab her, if you want to kiss her; don’t force yourself to do it. Instead you could utter something along the line of: “I’m trying so hard not to kiss you right now.” She would know the direction to take. In whatever you do, the worst thing you can do to your companion is to treat her like garbage or something of lower value. Treat her like a lady and you’re guaranteed of a happy time.

Don’t lie or Blow up Smoke

There’s something about the New Zealand private escort girls -- they like it when you keep it real with them. You might be tempted to talk about yourself and even throw in a couple of lies to inflate your value and build attraction. But most of the time, such shenanigans work against you.

It’s their job to serve you. So you don’t have to go the extra mile to impress them. They’re already impressed by the fact that you’re one of their clients. If something is eating you up, don’t pretend like it’s totally fine with you. Talk to them and you’ll be surprised by how understanding some of these girls are. Chances are they have seen it all. They’ve seen men with big cash and gone to all the fancy places you want to brag about. So let it all go and be real with them. You’d be surprised by how much they’re actually impressed by that.

Tip Generously

If an escort girl really likes you, they won’t hesitate to go out of their way to make you happy. As you’re soon to find out, private companions are kind-hearted and virtuous. As much as they’re in this business for money, their heart lies in making every single one of their clients happy. So there’s no harm in extending your arm to them. If you enjoyed their services, tip them generously instead of just saying thank you and walking away.

There’s no right amount to tip. Whether it is 20 dollars or 100, as long as it’s coming from an appreciative place in the heart, the girl will always rank you high among the clients she serves.

Review them honestly

Don’t let jealousy get the best of you. If you enjoyed the services of the private escort girl that you went out with, why not bless her business. Let the whole world know what they’re dealing with. If the girl looks exactly as she looks in her photo, write it down in the review section. Be honest. Don’t hype what’s subpar and don’t hold back when the girl exceeded your expectations. Not only are you doing this for her, but for her future clients that depend on the reviews to understand what they’re dealing with.

Shower afterwards

It’s sad that we still have to talk about this. It’s like common sense exited some people. Simple logic demands that after every fun moment with a girl you should hop into the shower and clean yourself. Of course your escort partner will be doing pretty much the same on her end, so don’t pretend like you don’t know what it’s at stake here.

New Zealand Escorts as Tour Guides

You don’t need a tour guide when you can afford an escort in New Zealand. After all no one knows the tourist destinations in Auckland better than an experienced escort. This is one way to cut on unnecessary budget. Instead of wasting all your money on a tour guide, hire a companion that knows the area pretty well and let her take you around.

Hire an Escort for Family Gatherings and work Functions

We get it -- you’re an eligible bachelor who for some reasons doesn’t want to settle down. A prostitute is the best way to throw everyone off and put all the tongue waggling to rest.

With such girl, you can easily come across one that can easily fit into character. Let them do their own research and figure out how to behave appropriately when around your friends, work mates, or family members.

Bedroom Skills

One good thing with escort is that they’re not here to judge or rate you. So whether you feel like a sex Mangaia in bed or you’re total suck, sex workers are trained to ride with the tide. If you’re good, of course they’ll be impressed at your bedroom prowess and maybe congratulate you for it. But if you’re a total log at it, they’ll be glad to step in and help you out.

But it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks in your back pocket. For starters, don’t force yourself in. Some little bit of foreplay will be greatly appreciated. For anal you might want to get some lube and nice scents to spice everything up. Some little bit of creativity may come in handy at this point if you’re looking forward for the best sex experience ever.

Understanding the Psychology behind Escort Services

Sex workers are in this line of business because they’re open-minded and understanding. While you’re allowed to keep your girlfriend or wife for love and the entire emotional ride, call girls are only in for the pleasure bit of it. Emotions may fly and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If it happens, it’s upon the two of you to decide on the direction to take it. If it’s to your benefit to bin it, so be it. No one will hold it against you.

But once in a while something good happens and an escort and client fall in love and decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

It’s a Wrap

Here’s the deal: while hanging out with an private New Zealand escort, just focus on the fun bit of the whole experience. Learn to live in the moment and enjoy life while you still can.

That’s what a sex worker teaches you. You’re a free-spirited being that should learn to let everything go and focus on the good that life has to offer. What more should you do when there’s a sexy girl at your beck and call. What better escape do you need in this life?